Melissa Roxburgh is glad to see her show ‘Manifest’ itself again

NBC drama series is back for its third season

Melissa Roxburgh of ‘Manifest’ Thursday on NBC

Q: Did you have to refresh yourself on past “Manifest” developments before you began filming Season 3?

A: I still do! There’s so much information, in a great way, because nothing is boring in any episode this season. It does lend itself to needing to pay attention or watching an episode again, but I’m excited about all of the questions from Season 2 being answered in Season 3. Jeff (Rake, the creator and an executive producer of the show) has a great way of tying things together.

Q: Have you had any concerns about viewers following “Manifest” from its former Monday slot to Thursdays?

A: I’m not particularly worried about it, because the shows I watch, I watch when I want to watch them. And with so many people working from home, it’s not too hard to do that these days.

Q: How do you view your “Manifest” arc as police detective and vanished-airplane returnee Michaela?

A: I think that if it was real life, I’d be exhausted by now. In Season 1, she was a very broken character. By Season 3, she’s learned how to juggle things a bit better. I think it has less to do with her own personal demons and more with being able to extend to other people now, so it takes some of the pressure off.

Q: How do you feel about getting on airplanes now?

A: I think that’s everyone’s question now, and it’s a big, fat one for us with the mystery on the show. I think it’s OK, given all the COVID-related considerations. I almost got kicked off an airplane once; the crew recognized me and said, “We don’t want this plane disappearing!”

Jay Bobbin

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