Meghann Fahy is no less ‘The Bold Type’ now

Actress’ character undergoes big changes in Freeform series’ Season 4

Meghann Fahy of ‘The Bold Type’ Thursday on Freeform

Q: Your character on “The Bold Type,” Sutton, has experienced a lot on the show lately through getting married and landing her dream job and discovering she was pregnant. Still, Jane and Kat (played by Katie Stevens and Aisha Dee) remain the constants in her life. Do you think that’s even more valuable to her now?

A: She knows that relationship with her girls isn’t going to change, and I think that enables her to trust that and concentrate on her relationship with her husband, knowing that her friends are always going to be there for her no matter what.

Q: How do you assess Sutton’s growth professionally?

A: That has been really pleasing to watch play out. A big part of Sutton’s story line has been this sort of feeling she’s had about not necessarily being on an equal playing field with Kat and Jane in the workplace.

She had to work as an assistant for a lot longer and pay her dues, and my understanding of that job is that that’s really true. I’ve talked to a lot of people who have said, “That was my journey,” so it’s kind of cool that they committed to showing that long struggle for Sutton.

Q: Sutton’s promotion at work also means a shift in her connection to her mentor Oliver. How do you view that?

A: (Stephen Conrad Moore) is such a great actor, and I really enjoy all of the work that I get to do with him. Oliver brings something out of Sutton that nobody else does, and I think that’s why it’s so fun to see them together. Their relationship is so unique, to see him become attached emotionally to Sutton — and likewise — is just a wonderful thing.

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