Mayim Bialik guides others to be a ‘Celebrity Show-Off’

The Big Bang Theory’ alum finds a new TV outlet

Mayim Bialik

No one may be more surprised to see Mayim Bialik hosting a competition show than Mayim Bialik herself.

The former co-star of “The Big Bang Theory” has found TBS’ “Celebrity Show-Off” suits her right where she is … at home, during the coronavirus pandemic. She’s working with a very limited crew on the Tuesday series, in which such celebrities as Tori Spelling, Ja Rule and filmmaker Kevin Smith — also participating from their homes — vie to win money for charity by devising content to keep viewers watching their respective online channels.

“It’s obviously something designed for the quarantine,” Bialik confirms, “a way to keep people entertained and distracted in what’s become a really difficult 2020. Other things that have happened in recent weeks also have made it a really hard time to balance entertainment with social responsibility, but I’m very happy to be working and to do it in ways that are safe. It’s been very humbling to have to do my own hair and makeup.”

In fact, part of ex-“Blossom” star Bialik’s house is now a virtual studio, thanks to a huge “green screen” that gives the impression of her being elsewhere. “I stand there by myself, adjusting myself in the camera,” she reports. “The others are wearing masks 25 feet away from me, and it’s really amazing.”

Based on the Korean show “My Little Television,” “Celebrity Show-Off” is starting Bialik’s TV return. The owner of a Ph.D. in neuroscience, she’s slated to star in next season’s Fox sitcom “Call Me Kat,” which she’ll executive-produce with fellow “Big Bang” alum Jim Parsons. She also was slated to direct Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen and “Big Bang’s” Simon Helberg in a movie she wrote, but the pandemic postponed it.

“Where our industry has been hit the hardest is not the celebrities that you miss seeing,” Bialik reasons. “It’s the people who actually make these shows, who need to pay their mortgages and have insurance for their kids. I’m grateful for all the hard-working men and women who are ready to find safe ways for us to return to work.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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