‘Mary Kills People’ slays its star, Caroline Dhavernas

Caroline Dhavernas

Q: What drew you to “Mary Kills People”?

A: She’s such a great character, it was a no-brainer for me when I saw the project come along. She’s so complex and packed with contradictions, it’s so fun to play as an actress. Also, along with the drama, there’s a level of comedy as well … so it’s a real treat.

Q: What do you think about basing the show around a doctor who helps terminally ill people end their lives on their own terms?

A: It is a very fragile and sensitive subject matter for a lot of people, especially when you include religion in it. I think it’s a really important social debate to have, and if after watching the show, people start reflecting upon it and talking about it among each other, then good.

It’s not a documentary about assisted dying – there’s a lot more going on – but that certainly is the main subject of the show, and I’m proud of that. I’m very happy to be part of a project that makes people reflect upon the subject.

Q: Having done such other projects as “Wonderfalls” and “Hannibal,” and now this, is it safe to say you prefer to do edgy projects?

A: Yeah, that’s what I’m attracted to, things that I don’t feel have been done before. I’ve been doing this for so long, I don’t want to be doing something that I’ve already done. I want it to feel fresh every time.

I’m not supposed to be bored as an actress; it’s not a job that’s supposed to feel that way. I want to make sure I push myself and challenge myself, and work with people I feel have talent and are smart. That was certainly the case when I read the pilot for “Mary Kills People,” and when I heard the writer (Tara Armstrong) was in her early 30s and this was her first project, I thought, “Wow. I have to meet and work with her.”


Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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