‘Married to Real Estate’ — It’s about more than buying and selling

Family at heart of new HGTV series

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson

As its title might suggest, “Married to Real Estate” isn’t strictly about the buying and selling of homes.

No, the hourlong series that premieres Thursday, Jan. 13, on HGTV (and is available to stream on discovery+) follows real estate broker and designer Egypt Sherrod (“Property Virgins”) and her builder husband Mike Jackson as they find clients their ideal home in their dream neighborhood and then help them tweak it to suit their needs.

But in Atlanta’s red hot market as in most of the country, houses sell quickly, bidding wars are common and buyers can become discouraged. So the couple urge their clients to be more flexible in terms what they’ll accept and then make bigger renovations to get the home they want.

One trend they’re seeing — and is covered in the series — is buyers who want a property with room enough for an addition to create a separate living space for an aging parent or a boomerang adult child.

“You have many families now who are combining living spaces,” Sherrod explains. “So … it’s bringing Mom in or an elderly parent so you can take care of them now and so you have to find a house that has a space for Mom or for Dad to live as well. Or families who are bringing the kids in because job situations have changed a lot and sometimes folks need a fresh start and so they’re combining living spaces and they need houses where they can add additional square footage. … But wherever you can increase livable square footage is always going to be a win.”

In addition to the trials and travails of an active real estate market and running a successful business, Sherrod and Jackson in the show also deal with having an active family with three children ages 20, 9 and 2.

“This one is more about the holistic experience of a family running a business together and all that that truly entails …,” Sherrod says. “Which means balancing and juggling family life and children and all the challenges that come with it and how we try to gracefully jump over every hurdle.”

George Dickie

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