Marriage gets ‘The Bold Type’ treatment

Meghann Fahy’s Sutton is newly married on Freeform drama

(From left) Aisha Dee, Katie Stevens and Meghann Fahy star in “The Bold Type,” returning with new episodes Thursday on Freeform.

As Season 4 resumes, not only is Sutton Brady “The Bold Type,” she’s also the newlywed type.

Played by Meghann Fahy, she’s been promoted to stylist at the fashion magazine Scarlet … a major consideration along with her new, bicoastal marriage to attorney Richard Hunter (Sam Page) as the Freeform drama series returns with new episodes Thursday, June 11. Also of concern is the health of her close friend and co-worker Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens), who was about to undergo surgery when the show left off — and as usual, their comrade Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) is dealing with both personal and professional challenges.

“Sutton and Richard have been such a staple couple from the beginning, I think it’s really exciting for the viewers to see them finally commit to each other in this way,” the pleasant Fahy reasons. “It’s what they’ve been wanting, and what everybody else has been wanting for them, so it feels like a really nice payoff.”

If it’s “The Bold Type,” that couldn’t come without a catch, it being the long-hoped-for New York career opportunity that has kept Sutton from moving to San Francisco with Richard. “This is sort of a theme of their relationship,” notes Fahy, “but I think the thing that really anchors Sutton and Richard is their ability and willingness to listen to and support each other’s passions.

Meghann Fahy is among the stars of “The Bold Type,” returning with new episodes Thursday on Freeform.

“They are faced with all kinds of tough decisions, but at the end of the day, they’re able to see their relationship through the lens of what is going to make their partner the happiest, most authentic version of themselves. And that is a beautiful thing to show.” Fahy also is enjoying Sutton’s more equal footing with her mentor Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore), deeming “the evolution of that really pleasing to watch play out. She’s had to pay her dues.”

With co-star Melora Hardin (alias Scarlet editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlyle) having directed one of the newest episodes, “The Bold Type” ended filming on Season 4 earlier than expected … since as with so many other series, the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to production. Still, without knowing yet whether the show will get another round, Fahy (whose fellow-actor boyfriend, Billy Magnussen, is in the forthcoming James Bond movie “No Time to Die”) says she’s satisfied with the way this season concludes.

“The thing that’s so cool about our show,” she reflects, “is that the writers really put a lot of work into each episode’s arc. Everyone’s storyline is really strong, so it left us in a really great position to finish the season. I hope we get to do more, but everything is really up in the air right now. It’s hard to know.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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