Mare Winningham likes being inside ‘The Outsider’

Emmy winner appears in HBO’s Stephen King adaptation

Mare Winningham of ‘The Outsider’ Sunday on HBO

Q: Jason Bateman and Ben Mendelsohn not only are fellow stars of yours in the Stephen King-inspired “The Outsider,” they’re also producers of it. How did you find working with them while they wore multiple hats?

Bateman) and “Bloodline” (with Mendelsohn). I was late to both of those parties – I’m always late to television; I usually join a show (as a viewer) in Year 2 – but I was watching both of those while we were in pre-production in “The Outsider” and also shooting it.

“Ozark” is where I found out about Jason as a director. I knew he was going to be directing Episodes 1 and 2 of this, and it was really fascinating to see his “Ozark” work and then subsequently to work for him. And I pretty much had all my scenes with Ben, and I adore him.

Q: To stay with your projects in the realm of fantasy, your final shot in “Torchwood: Miracle Day” — with only your moving eye visible from within a car that has been crushed around you — is extremely haunting. Do sci-fi and fantasy fans mention that to you often?

A: No! And I’ve never seen it, so I feel so out of the loop. I remember the shot, and I know the show has a huge cult following. Bill Pullman and I were both in the movie “Dark Waters” recently, and I was reminded that we also had done that. He was a friend already – we had done “Wyatt Earp” together – but I’d forgotten that we were both in “Torchwood.” No one ever references it.

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