Marcus Scribner grows up on ‘grown-ish’

Former 'black-ish' co-star transfers to Freeform spinoff

Marcus Scribner of ‘grown-ish’ Wednesday on Freeform

Q: When “black-ish” ended, did you anticipate that you would be asked to move over to “grown-ish”? And what did you think when that opportunity came?

A: I always loved the style of “grown-ish.” The style of the comedy is more raunchy, which is what I enjoy when I’m watching television. After  “black-ish,” I thought I was done with this character, but then they made me the offer to really step up and basically lead this show … which was an exciting proposition for me. And I’m glad I made the decision I made.

Q: Is depicting Junior’s continuing education, by moving the character from “black-ish” to “grown-ish,” your first brush with higher education?

A: I did not go to college, but I have lived vicariously through all my friends who have. I’ve gone to house parties and sat in on some lectures, and I guess that all prepared me for this moment of going to college on TV. So, though I’ve had a few college experiences and definitely had a good time with them, I’ve never gone to college myself.

Q: What would your plans after “black-ish” have been had “grown-ish” not come up?

A: I started a production company and finished producing my first film — “How I Learned to Fly,” which is in the vein of “The Pursuit of Happyness,” and we’re submitting it to festivals — so this is nice because I have the best of both worlds. I don’t have to be separated from everybody who was on “black-ish,” so this takes the sting out of it a little bit.

Q: You started in show business at a very young age, so do you feel like you’re entering a major new chapter of your career?

A: It’s been some years, so it really makes me feel like all the hard work has paid off. I’m just thankful and fortunate for everybody around me who helped to uplift me to this position to be able to do this. I’m extremely lucky.

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