Mandy Moore is still aiming for happy ‘Landings’ live

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Mandy Moore

Q: I was hoping to see Mandy Moore in concert. Is her tour still on? — Julie Scott, Attleboro, Mass.

A: As with so many live events in this time of worldwide health concerns, the “This Is Us” star’s scheduled dates — in support of her latest album, “Silver Landings,” and taking her across the county from Boston to Los Angeles — have been postponed for the time being. Rescheduling them could be tricky, depending on when her NBC series goes back into production, since her intended touring coincided with her hiatus from the show.

However, a note posted on Moore’s website indicates that those who already had tickets for her concerts should hold onto them, since those will be honored on the new dates that her performances eventually are set for.

Sara Haines

Q: I’ve enjoyed seeing Sara Haines back on “The View.” Is there any chance she would rejoin the show full-time? — Jill Raker, via e-mail

A: We’d never say never, but she’ll have her own ABC weekday show to go back to — “Strahan & Sara & Keke” — when the regular network’s schedule resumes. For the past several weeks, Haines’ program has been pre-empted by a weekday news offering about the coronavirus situation, giving her more time to be able to fill in on “The View.”

That series has needed guest co-hosts, since both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have been absent from the “View” desk, taking health precautions. So has Meghan McCain, who is expecting her first child. Goldberg has been participating via a remote link to her location, while Behar’s vacant seat at the table has been filled by Haines alongside Sunny Hostin and others most mornings.

Q: I saw “The Poseidon Adventure” on Turner Classic Movies recently. Wasn’t there a made-for-TV version with a different cast? — John McGraw, Rutherford, N.J.

A: There was. Made for NBC in 2005, that take on the tale made some changes while keeping the basics, with the title ocean liner capsizing because of a bomb explosion instead of a giant tidal wave.

Also, the Mike Rogo cop character — played by Ernest Borgnine in the 1972 movie — was reimagined as more of a leader of the survivors, with Adam Baldwin (who would go to sea again in the series “The Last Ship”) in the role. The ship’s captain, played by Peter Weller (“RoboCop”), was given the name Paul Gallico … which also happened to be the name of the author whose novel inspired the “Poseidon” screen incarnations.

Q: With everything else she does, when does Ginger Zee have the time to do the “Hearts of Heroes” weekend series? — Stacy Leonard, Port Orange, Fla.

A: ABC News’ chief meteorologist films her segments for that weekend series in concentrated periods of time during the year, with her work for a number of episodes done over several days. If you’re a regular viewer, then, and you think that some of the firehouses seen behind her look familiar … you’re probably not wrong.

Q: I’ve seen that recent events have affected the start dates of some shows. Does that include “Billions”? — Robert Underwood, via e-mail

A: As of the time this is being written, no, it doesn’t. The Showtime drama about the worlds of big money and the law remains scheduled to begin its fifth season May 3 — though it will take a break, then finish the season later in the year –with Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife,” “ER”) and Corey Stoll (“House of Cards,” “The Strain”) as new additions to the regular cast. Their characters are sure to stir things up anew, especially with hedge-fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Damian Lewis) in the crosshairs of career-rebuilding legal eagle Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) again.

Q: I was pleased to see Decades run a marathon of “Police Woman.” When was that show originally on? — David Sharp, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: The spinoff of the anthology “Police Story” aired on NBC from 1974 to 1978. Angie Dickinson had appeared in an episode of that show, and it earned ratings impressive enough for the network to want a separate series built around her. Thus was born the character of Sgt. “Pepper” Anderson, and Dickinson told us some years ago that she is very proud of the fact that many women have said her portrayal was a major reason they chose actual law enforcement as a career.

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