‘Man With a Plan’ – Liza Snyder goes way back with co-star

Liza Snyder: Nobody puts Andi in a corner

Liza Snyder of ‘Man With a Plan’ Monday on CBS

Q: To what do you owe your chemistry with your “Man With a Plan” co-star Matt LeBlanc?

A: We go way back. We’ve known each other since before “Friends,” before obviously anything I ever did. We were just struggling actors back in the day and we used to have kind of mutual friends. So there was a familiarity there. And then when he was on “Friends,” I was on “Jesse,” which were the same producers, Bright/Kauffman/Crane. So you know, we weren’t the best of friends but whenever we’d see each other it’d be nice to see each other. …

You know, it helps when you knew someone before they were someone because you think of them as that person, not who everyone else thinks they are. So I felt like I had a good handle on who he was, and we also have a lot of similarities. You know, we were born in the same place, practically; you know, we’re both from Mass., both East Coast kids. So we have a lot of the same kind of – I don’t know what the word is – we have the same outlook on things.

Q:  What is the most fun part of playing your character Andi?

A: I would say the most fun is that they don’t – you remember the line from “Dirty Dancing” “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”? They don’t put Andi in a corner. You know, I’ve gotten to be everything from really brash to really sweet to really kind of “cray-cray.” You know, she’s not just one thing and I appreciate that because that can become a little uninteresting. So she has many sides and you never quite know how she’s going to – she could be totally cool with something … or the other way around. And that’s a lot of fun to play because it’s not just your basic carrying-around-the-laundry basket thing; you know, “Isn’t my husband funny?” Which tends to happen a lot … .

George Dickie

George Dickie

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