‘Making Modern’ – How Brooke and Brice Gilliam got a TV show

Opportunity knocked for 'Making Modern' couple

Brooke Gilliam of ‘Making Modern’ on discovery+

Q: How long have you been doing your design business?

A: Well, we’ve been doing this for other people now for about two years but we started by doing this for ourselves. We had a bad building experience when we were building our own house and so we kind of took over and I watched some of the subs work and they would teach me things and I’d jump in and try. And it led to doing some work for neighbors and friends and family and then from there the word spread and we started getting clients and jumping on projects and it’s just kind of been a constant flow since then.

Q: What made you and Brice want to do a show?

A: Well, we never anticipated being on TV and having a show but a neighbor across the street watched us as we built our house and we would be there late nights till 2-3 in the morning and then I’d show back up at the job site at 6 in the morning and start working again. So she introduced us to a friend of hers that had worked for “Good Morning America” and she’d just recently moved to Nashville.

And I showed her around our house and she said, “You all need your own show” and I laughed and kind of said, “OK, yeah, sure thing.” And then she called and said she had a production company that wanted to film a sizzle. And one thing led to another and we ended up getting picked up by Magnolia for a show. So it’s been a great experience and we’re so honored and blessed to even be able to get this opportunity, so it kind of just fell in our laps and it went from there.

George Dickie

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