Maggie Lawson attends to ‘My Favorite Wedding’ in new Hallmark Channel movie

Maggie Lawson of ‘My Favorite Wedding’ Saturday, June 24, on Hallmark Channel

Q: What was the appeal of “My Favorite Wedding” for you?

A: It was so light and so fun. Paul Greene, who is my co-star and love interest in the movie, was wonderful. I guess he’s done a million of these, so he has quite the following with Hallmark (viewers).

I had a blast. Mel Damski directed it, and he was one of our resident producers and directors on “Psych,” so it was a little bit of a family affair. Also, the script was originally written by Keith Calabrese, who is (fellow “Psych” co-star) Kirsten Nelson’s husband! It was like this serendipitous, beautiful reunion before the “Psych” reunion (which will happen in a movie that USA Network plans to run at the end of the year).

Q: Your character in “My Favorite Wedding” is planning her best friend’s nuptials. Is that her actual profession?

A: She’s actually not a wedding planner – she’s a doctor who has taken care of their family over their lives – but because she naturally likes to take on a sort of leadership role, she steps into this. The actual wedding planner drops out over issues with the bride, hence the comedy and shenanigans that ensue.

Q: Since you’re again playing a by-the-book character who reacts comically to unfamiliar circumstances, did this feel to you like it was in your wheelhouse?

A: I’d love it on “Psych” when Juliet would have to go undercover, because that’s where the comedy would happen. She was a serious detective and because she had this laser focus, when you put her in an undercover situation, she would also go with that 100 percent.

That meant that if she was playing a sorority girl or anything else, she would go so far down the road with it, it was almost funny. The guys would have to say to her, “You know you’re not really a sorority girl, right, Juliet?” It’s like life, though. You feel like you’ve got it all together and can appear that way on the outside, but inside, you’re a mess. And that’s human.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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