Maggie Grace continues to ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

AMC spinoff series resumes its sixth season

Maggie Grace of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Sunday on AMC

Q: Within the realm of what you can say about the typically secretive “Fear the Walking Dead,” how do you feel Season 6 evolves as the series resumes?

A: It’s hard to talk about this season at all without at least acknowledging that there have been some really bold choices made by the producers. With this portion of episodes, I think viewers will be caught off-guard; there are some really unexpected twists and turns that are provocative, and that I think will have a pretty big fan reaction. We’ll see.

Q: Though it’s known that Keith Carradine, John Glover and Nick Stahl are joining the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead,” are you generally good at keeping the show’s secrets?

A: Well, you know, quarantine is great for that! If I’m on Zoom, I can be like, “What? This just cut out. I can’t hear you.” Most of the people I’m close to are not in my industry, and that kind of makes it easier.

Q: Does working outside so much on the series also make it easier, especially at this point in time?

A: I’m sure everyone’s overwhelmed by COVID information, but I feel the one area that’s not getting enough attention is air filtration and ventilation. I think we’re especially lucky on this show to have so many exterior scenes, sometimes entire episodes — and that was even before COVID. I just feel so much more comfortable when we’re outdoors. It’s much safer for everybody.

Q: Having been involved in this series as well as “Lost” and such popular franchises as “Twilight” and “Taken,” have you adjusted to fandom well?

A: I’m such a nerdy and private person, I’m just constantly surprised by it. I remember getting questions about what I did in my free time when I was 21, and I was just like, “Uh … cooking.” Someone might assume I was off kite-surfing or doing parkour, but no.

Jay Bobbin

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