Luke Kleintank takes charge in ‘FBI: International’

'The Man in the High Castle' alum leads CBS drama

Luke Kleintank of ‘FBI: International’ Tuesday on CBS

Q: Do you think “FBI: International” represents all the aspects faced by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on a worldwide level?

A: I think there are people that are heroes in a lot of ways. The FBI is a huge entity, so you can get into the politics and the legalities of it all … anything within the FBI. I think we have a specific thing. We just want to show what these men and women do and keep it as simple as possible.

Going beyond that is too much. I mean, we solve our cases in a day (on the series), and it would take the FBI years or months to solve these cases. I think the suspension of disbelief is there, but we’re representing something more. They’ve given their lives to wanting to protect the individuals in their (home) country. I think that’s what we’re representing here.

Q: What do you think about relocating to Budapest for the series and your character staying on the move throughout Europe, based on his work demands?

A: That aspect, I feel like it really translates in the show. These people actually would transform their lives and move constantly as a team. It feels right, because we don’t know anybody else (there, other than the regular cast and crew), so we just depend on each other. I think that dynamic really translates as us being a team.

Q: For “FBI: International,” you’ve changed your look from what it was in “The Man in the High Castle.” Was that a conscious choice for the character?

A: I think for any actor, you want to change up a little bit in what you do. I just wanted to try something different and create a character and make him feel as if he’s a leader. Statistically, a man with a shaved head and a beard is a leader more times than not … so for me, I felt like this was a thing that worked.

A CBS franchise expands with ‘FBI: International’

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