Lucas Till is back as ‘MacGyver,’ finally

CBS adventure reboot gets a belated Season 4 start

Lucas Till of ‘MacGyver’ Friday on CBS

Q: Now that it’s finally time for it to premiere, how do you assess Season 4 of the “MacGyver” reboot?

A: Not that I was unhappy with anything before, but it’s become everything that I wanted it to become when I first signed on for it. It takes a while to work out everything with a TV show, but it’s really good. You sit there laughing out loud while you read a script, and it’s really nice.

You’ll see that the limits are pushed in terms of what we accomplish on the show. In a lot of ways, it’s a completely different show without sacrificing what it was at its core.

Q: A time jump is involved between the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4 of “MacGyver.” What can you say about that?

A: Sometimes, you need the origin story of a hero — and sometimes, you’ve already seen Spider-Man get his powers and you want to skip that part. We kind of skip the unnecessary part, and I like that you discover what happened over the last 18 months. And you keep discovering it as we go along throughout the season, as we meet new characters.

Q: Since co-star George Eads left the show, how has it been to do the series without him?

A: Well, change is a paradigm, but I think it works great and we’ll see how people respond. From my perspective, it’s been pretty smooth.

Q: You’ve said you’d come out of past “MacGyver” seasons somewhat bruised from all the physical action. How has that been for you this time?

A: It’s kind of funny. I wanted more stuff – I felt like during the first three seasons, I had a fight scene at least one and maybe three days a week – and this season, I haven’t done anything! The writing has gotten a lot better and these inadvertent sacrifices have been made, so I don’t fight as much.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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