Lori Loughlin still feels right at home in ‘Fuller House’

Netflix continuation of ‘Full House’ is now in Season 4

Lori Loughlin of ‘Fuller House’ streaming on Netflix

Q: Are you surprised that “Fuller House” is now in its fourth season?

A: Isn’t that amazing? Honestly, it’s like going home … it really is. And we shoot on the same soundstage that we shot on 30 years ago when we started “Full House,” over at Warner Bros.

Q: Your on-screen “husband,” John Stamos, became a first-time father this year. How do you think he’s adapting to parenthood?

A: He cries! I went over there shortly after the baby was born, and I was sitting with him and I videoed him with my phone. He was just kind of talking, and he started to cry. He said, “I cry a lot these days,” and it was so sweet. He waited for the woman of his dreams, and he’s waited for this little boy to enter his world. And now, he’s here.

I can only sum it up by saying that I just couldn’t be happier for him and (his wife) Caitlin. I feel such joy for them. My heart is so full for them. And he’s just the most delicious little baby. Bob Saget always says to me, ”If you could figure out how to steal him, you would.”

Lennie James

Q: Besides “Fuller House,” you have your various Hallmark Channel projects, including the series “When Calls the Heart” and another round of “Garage Sale Mystery” movies that you’ll be filming early in the new year. Are you happy to be so busy?

A: I honestly thought I would have a natural progression into retirement, which I think I will one day. I kind of thought it would be now! I never thought I would be working as much as I am, which is more than ever — but you know what? I couldn’t be happier. I’m thrilled, so it’s all good.

Jay Bobbin

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