Looking for Super Bowl party ideas? Food Network has a few

Super Bowl eats on Food Network

Bobby Flay

It’s a week before Super Bowl LIV and you still haven’t figured out what to serve your party guests.

Sure, you could order the usual pizza, wings and sliders and just be done with it. But no, that’s mailing it in and that’s not in your DNA. You want to make a culinary impression.

In that case, tune it to Food Network this week for their plethora of suggestions on imaginative eats that are certain to please the discerning palates of the football fans gathered before your flatscreen. Because after all, isn’t that why you’re throwing this bash in the first place?

We start at breakfast time on Sunday, Jan. 26, with “Brunch at Bobby’s,” in which Chef Flay offers up a sweet and savory menu featuring salsa verde chicken burritos, chicken cracklings, scrambled eggs and cheese with a side of crispy hash browns, and maple-glazed baked donuts.

Next on “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen,” host Guy Fieri and his friends make gourmet sliders featuring a cheese fondue sauce, a classic cornbread chilli casserole and a grilled corn dish with a twist.

If flavors from far-off lands are your thing, then “Valerie’s Home Cooking” may be for you as it finds host Valerie Bertinelli prepares a feedbag of Italian beef sandwiches with giardiniera aioli and an Italian-style fennel coleslaw. And for dessert: salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. Delicioso!

Continuing on the exotic theme later that morning is “Girl Meets Farm,” in which host Molly Yeh shares some of her favorite Chinese-inspired recipes, including her grandmother’s sweet and sour Tepong pork with fried rice, a sauteed spinach with sweet black garlic, and for dessert, chocolate-stuffed sesame balls.

Moving ahead to the morning of Saturday, Feb. 1, “The Kitchen” has uber-hearty game-day fare on tap with barbecue pork slow-cooker chili, molasses gochujang chicken wings, a meaty cheesy slider casserole, assorted dips, and in-a-blanket versions of a Cubano and meatball parmesan.

Later, it’s Ree Drummond skewing up the game-day eats on “The Pioneer Woman,” which finds her preparing a quick-and-easy menu of five-cheese pepperoni pizza queso, sheet pan sausage and pepper hoagies, a garlic ranch party mix and caramel and chocolate cookies for dessert.

And at midday on “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen,” host Trisha Yearwood invites the Nashville Predators hockey team over for a game-day feedbag of loaded curly fry nachos, Philly cheesesteak pull-apart bread, slow-cooker corn dip, peanut butter and jelly cookie bars and a cherry citrus smash.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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