‘Little Voice’ – When Brittany met Sara

How Brittany O’Grady auditioned for ‘Little Voice’

Brittany O’Grady of ‘Little Voice’ on Apple TV+

Q: What attracted you to “Little Voice”?

A: It’s interesting. I got the audition for this project for ‘Little Voice’ while I was filming a horror film for Blumhouse in New Zealand. And when I got the scene … that I was supposed to audition for, it just kind of flowed really well. And growing up, I always liked Sara Bareilles’ music as well and I knew that she wrote all the music for “Waitress” and I started listening to some of the songs on that project before I even got the audition. So when I saw the audition for “Little Voice” in my email, I got pretty excited. And I think it just kind of felt natural to record or to film the audition and I just kind of sent it off and let it go as I do with auditions normally and I was surprised to hear that they were interested.

And it was a really interesting process having to figure out time differences. It was probably I think maybe a 16-hour time difference … . And I was lucky enough to be chosen to portray the character.

Q: How did you approach your character of Bess?

A: That’s interesting. Talking to (executive producer) Jessie Nelson and talking to Sara, I got to kind of figure out two different aspects of the character. Through Sara, I got to learn how the music connected on a soul level to the character and the lyrics and the music and connecting with different artists, like different characters within the television show that are artists. And then also talking to Jessie, we just really were on the same page. …

And I just kind of create the character as I go along, kind of like a person living their life. I don’t really know who the character is throughout the arc until I look back at the work, if that makes sense, like what’s there in the moment emotionally and I’ve been lucky for it to piece together fairly well in that aspect. … It’s kind of like a puzzle piece being fit together. You don’t really see it until everything’s together, which is really interesting.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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