‘Little Fires Everywhere’ – Reese Witherspoon on her choices

Why Reese Witherspoon likes being her own boss

Reese Witherspoon of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ on Hulu

Q: The line from the series that jumps out is, “You didn’t make good choices. You had good choices.” Was that from the book? And also, can you talk about your own choices? Are they made for you or do you make them?

A: Choices used to be made for me a lot. … I made a conscious decision about eight years ago to start my own company because I wasn’t happy with the choices that were being made for me, and I didn’t see a place to exist within the industry that we had. There just wasn’t a spectrum of storytelling for women that I felt like was representative of the world that we walk through and that our daughters are seeing on film and television. And I think the emergence of streaming — the confluence of deciding to start a company, I guess I was psychic or something.

I had no idea the whole world would open up for us, but it has changed my life. The ability to work with different kinds of storytellers, to be able to option books and partner with other people I respect and admire who also have a perspective that is not my own but is just as valuable has changed my entire experience. And now I primarily generate everything that I do, but I have (chuckles) the gift of having companies like Hulu let me be this woman in this leadership position, which wasn’t possible eight years ago.

Q: Do you see yourself in charge of your own projects from now on?  Or you might say yes to …?

A:  Well, I mean recently, I was in an Ava DuVernay production for Disney, and that was wonderful, because I didn’t have to do any of the producing.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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