Lisa Kudrow of ‘Friends: The Reunion’ streaming on HBO Max

Sitcom's cast reassembles in long-awaited HBO Max special

Lisa Kudrow of ‘Friends: The Reunion’ streaming on HBO Max

Q: How did you feel about doing “Friends: The Reunion” when the time finally came for it?

A: We’d only all been in the same room once after the series ended, for dinner about five or six years ago. This was the first time we were all back together in front of people, and there was one moment that felt like, “This isn’t about us at all.”

While we were shooting the series, we realized we had to just keep our heads down and pay attention to the task at hand and focus on that, and forget about everything else. That’s sort of been my mantra ever since; you can’t control a lot of things outside of what you’re doing, so just pay attention to that.

Q: Do you watch “Friends” repeats yourself?

A: I hadn’t, but to sort of prepare for the reunion, I watched a few. I had never seen them finished. My husband and I looked at each other, because we had been looking for something funny to watch ,.. and suddenly, it was like, “Hey! We have a show.”

Q: Is it true that your son doesn’t watch “Friends’?

A: He’s, like, 22 now. I mean, 22-year-olds do watch it a lot. I think he did watch it when he was younger because all of his friends were watching it, and he felt like he needed to know what was going on. None of our kids are superfans of the show, and I think we all secretly love that.

I think it’s also, subconsciously or whatever, that we and our kids don’t want a “fan” relationship with each other. Maybe it’s a protective thing, but my son was able to come to part of the reunion taping. He said, “Is it OK if I say I’m proud of you?” And I was like, “Yes! You can!” It was really sweet.

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