‘September Mornings’ – Liniker puts herself in trans singer character

Brazilian singer makes acting debut

Liniker of ‘September Mornings’ on Amazon

Q: Your role of Brazilian trans singer Cassandra in Amazon’s “September Mornings” was your first acting gig. How did you like the experience?

A: I liked it very much. Cassandra demanded a lot from me. It was a great (role), she’s a great character. She had many layers of drama, so it was a first role and a great challenge that I worked very hard at because it was very important for me to give life to such a real character. … It’s the reality of a lot of people in Brazil.

Q: What did you draw on to create the character?

A: I worked a lot and I had a coach following up who was incredible, who was very generous. He worked with the whole cast and he (helped build the characters). I studied a lot of lines. I looked at the character (as a human being) and the way that I wanted people to see her … . (The writers) gave a lot of space for me to bring my own experiences as a trans person, who could bring other perspectives and other experiences that only trans people and LGBTQ+ people can (bring forth) because they’re the ones that lived it.

Q: What elements of performing as a singer did you bring to your acting?

A: The fact that I’m a singer and an interpreter makes me understand Cassandra’s passion for music. But at the same time in my process of building the character as an actress, I didn’t want Cassandra to think as Liniker. I wanted Cassandra to think as Cassandra. So it was also a (case) of understanding how did the character sing? What were the ways that she had on the stage? … Because I had my method as a singer and songwriter as Liniker but I wanted the character to have her own ownership of this place.

George Dickie

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