Lily Cowles leaves ‘Roswell, New Mexico,’ at least for now

CW series reboot ends its first season

Lily Cowles of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Tuesday on The CW

Q: As the first season of “Roswell, New Mexico” comes to its end, what has been your approach to playing the alien Isobel?

A: I’ve often thought about Isobel that she’s come to this world and she’s observing what humanity is, and trying to behave according to the ways that human beings act.

Q: Your mother, Christine Baranski, sometimes has made her name by playing outrageous characters. How do you relate that to your approach to playing Isobel?

A: It’s a great thing. I love being sexy (as Isobel). I think it’s fun for her, but it also is a tactic that I think she uses to try to fit in, which I think also speaks to the way a lot of humans feel … that this is a go-to mechanism. “I’ll be sexy if I don’t know what else to be. I can use that.”

Q: Have you ever been to the actual Roswell, New Mexico?

A: I took a road trip out there solo. I just packed up one day. I had four days off, and I was like, “I guess I’m driving around New Mexico now.” And I drove out to Roswell, and it was insane. It was so open. Talk about sky.

In Santa Fe, you’re at the base of mountains, so you actually have something to frame the enormity of the universe around you. When you drive out to Roswell, you really feel like, “I’m on a planet in the middle of the universe, and there is nothing around here.” It absolutely made me feel like, “This is a spooky place where crazy things went down. If aliens were to land, they would land right here in Roswell.” There was not a whole lot there; there was a UFO museum. And it was wonderful. It was a sublime time.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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Apr 24, 2019 2:20 am

I love this show. As a fan of x-files this show is really good and I love sci-fi type shows. It seems that yes, it could really happen in this day and age. It keeps me on the edge of my seat not falling asleep. Love all the actors. Keep it up and please come back for another season.

Matthew Markovich
Matthew Markovich
Jun 4, 2019 12:24 pm

Well, at least one of the cast visited. Hope Jeanine and Nathan visit during the Festival July 5-7. I think Izzy really did love Rosa and Noah used that to use both of them. Sad. I really liked Noah up until it was revealed he was the fourth alien ~ OMG!

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