‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ – Host Alonzo an enthusiastic fan

Show's gauntlet intrigues actress/comin

Cristela Alonzo of ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Sunday on The CW


Q: What appealed to you about “Legends of the Hidden Temple”?

A: First of all I watched it growing up. And one of the things that I really love about the show is that I, myself, am a big nerd, and I love that this show kind of celebrates a different demographic that we don’t necessarily get to cater to a lot, which is people that like to be athletic but also need to be smartened, get quizzed on things. It’s kind of like a fun journey. As a kid, I loved shows like that. You know, PBS was a big part of my life, too, because I always loved programming that you could learn something from but also have fun with. …

So we’re getting a new generation to see the show but also this is for people who grew up loving it, too. What I like about the show format is that it’s very similar to how it started, the original format. But it also kind of became its own iteration and it became its own version of now, so that people that aren’t familiar with it can also get into it.

Q: Have you been tempted to try negotiating the course?

A: Yes! I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t allowed to do it because there were still – you know, first season they were trying to figure it out so there was a lot of stuff that was happening just to make sure that it was safe and everything, that it was as good as it could be.

I wasn’t able to do it this season but if we get a second season, oh man, you know I’m doing it right away. I mean, I am excited for it. This is what I want to do. And I think that’s what makes the whole show for me so fun, is that I really have fun with it. And when you see the show, I think you can tell how happy I am to be there.


George Dickie

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