‘L.A.’s Finest’ – How Zach Gilford gives his imagination a workout

Zach Gilford

If there’s been a plus to the pandemic for Zach Gilford, it’s being home with his two-year-old daughter.

Not only has the 38-year-old actor, who plays cop Ben Walker in the Fox/Spectrum action series “L.A.’s Finest,” gotten to watch her grow alongside his wife, actress Kiele Sanchez (“The Glades”), but his imagination has worked overtime to keep up with the youngster’s.

Which, he says, helps his acting.

“We’re playing make believe for a living,” the Illinois native explains. “And the older you get, I think you lose a little touch with that playfulness of it all. And you know, when you’re playing with a child and you see them, it’s like I’ve seen my daughter shoot ice out of her hands as if she’s Elsa (the character from ‘Frozen’) and she can see ice forming on the wall in her bedroom.

“And you know, you put yourself in these situations where you have a camera right in your face and … it kind of helps you to zone all of that out and just be like, ‘Look … I’m just gonna be here and I can see right through this camera. And I’ll just believe whatever’s going on.’ And it makes it a lot more fun.”

In Season 2 of “L.A.’s Finest,” currently streaming on Spectrum on Demand (while Season 1 makes its Fox debut on Monday, Sept. 21), the story of odd couple police partners Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba) and Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union) continues as they take on a case unlike any they’ve had before.

As for Gilford’s character of Walker, viewers will get to know him as he gets featured more in storylines.

“There’s stuff I get to do where I’m kind of on my own and how he acts as a singular person out in the world in certain situations,” he explains. “… We do a bit of a partner swap and I’m kind of on a mission with Jessica, and it’s like, ‘Oh, how do these two characters interact when it’s just the two of them?’ But I think you get to know these people more and they’re more fleshed out.”

Full name: Zachary Michael Gilford

Birth date: Jan. 14, 1982

Birthplace: Evanston, Ill.

Family ties: He and his wife, actress Kiele Sanchez, are the parents of daughter Zeppelin Adele, 2

Alma mater: A graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied theater

Other TV credits include: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Off the Map,” “The Mob Doctor,” “The Family,” “Kingdom,” “Lifeline,” “Drunk History,” “This Close,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Good Girls,” “Midnight Mass” (forthcoming)

Movie credits include: “The Last Winter” (2006), “Dare” (2009), “Post Grad” (2009), “The River Why” (2010), “Answers to Nothing” (2011), “In Our Nature” (2012), “The Last Stand” (2013), “Crazy Kind of Love” (2013), “Devil’s Due” (2014), “The Purge: Anarchy” (2014), “Boy Genius” (2019)

George Dickie

George Dickie

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