Kristin Kreuk gets real in ‘Burden of Truth’

TV-series veteran is content to leave fantasy behind this time

Kristin Kreuk of “Burden of Truth” Wednesday on The CW.

Q: “Beauty and the Beast” and “Smallville” were based in fantasy, so how does it feel to be doing a real-world show now with “Burden of Truth”?

A: I love it! I love being able to play in the realm of reality. Doing fantastical work is fun, and the stakes are always life-or-death, but I haven’t been able to do this kind of drama in a while.

Being able to deal with what people actually deal with in their lives day-to-day, without monsters or superheroes, is really gratifying for me as an actor and as a storyteller. It’s the way I really want to reach people.

Q: As both the star and an executive producer, what did it mean to film the first season of the Canada-based “Burden of Truth” without having yet made a U.S. sale of the show?

A: We didn’t want to partner with a U.S. network at the start. A lot of shows in Canada will do that, and that means you get a lot more money that can go into the shooting of the show. We did this show totally on a Canadian budget, which is small compared to an American series, but I think it looks beautiful.

Q: You recently started filming Season 2 of “Burden of Truth.” Do you think it picks up naturally from where Season 1 ends?

A: It kind of reminds me in some ways – and I don’t necessarily mean to put it on the same level by making this reference – of “Broadchurch.” The first season really does conclude, but there are many things that need to be finished later on. You can follow the community and the people to see how their lives are affected as they have to deal with other things.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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