Kevin Costner’s ‘Yellowstone’ saga will continue

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Kevin Costner

Q: “Yellowstone” ended so abruptly, is there going to be another season? And if so, when? — Lowell Stratton, Fruita, Colo.

A: That “abrupt” finish was what is known as a season-ending cliffhanger, designed to bring viewers back … and also to get the show renewed, but that wasn’t even a question mark in this case. Days after the Season 3 finale aired, Paramount Network issued a press release crowing about that episode having been a record-breaker in multiple ways.

Not only was it (per Paramount) the most-watched “Yellowstone” segment so far, it also was the most-watched of any telecast to date for the network since it morphed from its previous existence as Spike TV. That would have made a Season 4 renewal for the Kevin Costner-starring drama a no-brainer, but it already had been given that before Season 3 premiered. The show traditionally has started new episodes each June, now giving it plenty of time to be able to stay on track with that pattern, even when production of so many series has been impacted by the current times.

Arielle Vandenberg

Q: What’s the background of “Love Island” host Arielle Vandenberg? — Cliff Tyler, via e-mail

A: She’s a Los Angeles-area-born actress and model whose series credits have included “Greek,” “Meet the Browns,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Bones,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “CSI: Miami” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” She also has appeared in such films as “Epic Movie,” “The Ugly Truth” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous.”

However, in terms of name recognition, Vandenberg has hit the big time with the two rounds (thus far) of CBS’ “Love Island.” The fact that the unscripted show now airs every night while it’s in season surely hasn’t hurt her visibility; that can cut both ways, since being so closely associated with one program could mitigate against a personality being hired for others. However, Vandenburg hasn’t appeared to be complaining much.

Q: I enjoy seeing the movie “The Odd Couple” whenever it turns up on television. Were Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau also the original stars of the play on Broadway? — Ken Crawford, Elk Grove, Calif.

A: While Matthau played Oscar Madison (and earned a Tony Award for the role) when the Neil Simon comedy made its New York stage debut in 1965, Broadway’s first Felix Ungar was Art Carney. They were succeeded by Jack Klugman (also a star of the first television version) and then Pat Hingle as Oscar, and by Eddie Bracken and then Paul Dooley as Felix.

Lemmon and Matthau were so successful in their “Odd Couple” teaming, they reunited for several more films including “The Front Page,” “Buddy Buddy,” “Out to Sea” and “Grumpy Old Men” (plus its sequel, “Grumpier Old Men”). Lemmon also directed Matthau in “Kotch.”

Q: Is it true that “I’m Sorry” isn’t coming back to truTV? — Diane Freeman, via e-mail

A: We’re sorry, but it is true. Though a third season of the comedy — starring its creator, Andrea Savage — had been ordered, and all of the scripts had been written for it, several factors ultimately amassed to work against it in a surprise cancellation.

One was the delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced a shutdown of the show soon after production had resumed, but that recent restructuring of truTV parent company WarnerMedia likely also played a role in the sitcom’s fate. The situation isn’t unique to truTV, since the programming of such “cousin” networks as TBS and TNT also has been impacted by the corporate overhaul.

Q: Please settle a debate. Did Julie Andrews ever do a TV series? — Bridget Walker, Alpena, Mich.

A: She’s done several, in fact, with one still coming. The Emmy-winning ABC variety program “The Julie Andrews Hour” aired in the early 1970s, and for the same network, the veteran star made the 1992 sitcom “Julie.”

Much more recently, Andrews did the Netflix children’s program “Julie’s Greenroom” — with collaborators including her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton — and also for Netflix, Andrews has lent her voice as narrator of the British-family saga “Bridgerton,” one of the first projects to come from the streaming service’s deal with television mega-producer Shonda Rhimes.

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