Keri Russell begins the end of ‘The Americans’

Keri Russell of "The Americans" Wednesday on FX
Keri Russell of “The Americans” Wednesday on FX

Q: How have you found filming the final season of “The Americans”?

A: We shoot in the dead of winter in New York, and it’s such an uphill sprint in a great way. I think that type of work lends itself to the show … the cold and the struggle of it all. I feel like heads are still down charging up that hill. There’s not a lot of time for reflection yet. It’s kind of just about getting through these last few months.

I will say, because we’ve read a lot of the scripts now, that it feels really good and satisfying – what Joe and Joel (series creator and executive producer Weisberg and executive producer Fields) have created.

Q: How do you reflect, now that it’s coming to an end, on the character arc you’ve played as Elizabeth Jennings?

A: I had no idea, from the beginning, the experience that it would turn into. I mean, I have relished this experience. It’s just been such an enjoyable, creative (time). I love the storytelling of it. And I know I’ve said it before – I know we’re set in this 1980s spy (scenario), but it’s truly one of my favorite marriage stories, couched in this Cold War spy world. I think it’s just really sparse, interesting storytelling.

And for me, playing Elizabeth, … as a woman, it’s been an incredible feminist role to get to play. It’s so rare to get to be so single-minded, and she is so successful in doing it. And it’s just a rare “girl” part, so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m happy it’s ending when it is, on such a high note, and while I’m still so excited and interested in the storylines of it. But it’s been a great ride.


Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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