Katie Stevens bids farewell to ‘The Bold Type’

Fashionable Freeform drama wraps up its five-season run

Katie Stevens of ‘The Bold Type’ Wednesday on Freeform

Q: As “The Bold Type” ends its five-season run, are you satisfied with where your character Jane ends up?

A: I am, honestly. When the writers first came to me and told me what they were thinking of, it honestly made me very happy. I think Jane ends up exactly where she should be. Her ending shows a big evolution for her, and I really couldn’t have asked for it to be better. I think it will be surprising for people, but in a way that everyone can relate to and be happy for her.

I think the writers did a great job in terms of where these women started and what they’ve been through. Their endings show real growth and connection to themselves and the people around them, and to what they want out of life. I hope viewers understand how difficult it is to wrap up five years in only six episodes, but I think our writers have been very thoughtful about where these characters end up.

Q: One of the strong points of “The Bold Type” is its music, which has focused on female artists. What’s your take on that?

A: There’s such emotion and drive in the scenes themselves, that’s exponentially heightened by the music. Songs are stories, so I think (music supervisor) Rob Lowry has done an incredible job in curating these playlists to take you on the same journey the characters are going on. I’ve discovered so many new artists and so much new music through being on the show.

Q: Before “The Bold Type,” you were a finalist in Season 9 of the Fox run of “American Idol.” Where does your music career stand now?

A: I was starting to get to a place where I was feeling discouraged, and I wasn’t super-confident in what I wanted to do. Lately, I’ve been posting more covers (of songs popularized by other singers) on Instagram, trying to get back to a place of just doing it because I love it, and not with any expectation of how it will be received. I’m excited to start writing more music with more of a positive energy, and not putting so much pressure on what the outcome will be.

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