Katie Stevens is still ‘The Bold Type’

‘American Idol’ alum starts fourth season of Freeform drama

Katie Stevens of ‘The Bold Type’ Thursday on Freeform

Q: As Season 4 of “The Bold Type” begins, what do you think about the personal and professional status of your character, magazine writer Jane Sloan?

A: She definitely goes through a lot of transitions. I think my favorite part of her whole journey is that she was kind of new to everything, and now, she’s gotten to a place where she is confident and knows she is a good writer. She has a unique voice, and she’s no longer seeking permission.

She’s taking control of her life, and you’re going to see that carry through not only with work, but in her relationships – and in her taking control of her health decisions. It’s really wonderful to showcase someone in her 20s not being a victim of her circumstances.

Q: Jane’s concern with the BRCA gene has been a story line throughout most of “The Bold Type,” and you’ve said that you had your own health scare recently with a breast lump that turned out to be benign. How did you deal with having that situation yourself?

A: I’m very lucky. My husband’s mother passed away from breast cancer, so it’s always something that I’m conscious of. I make sure that I have an awareness of my body, getting regular breast exams but also doing them at home. I know what it’s supposed to feel like normally, so if there ever is an abnormality, I’m able to catch that. And I was able to catch mine.

That was a scary day. I had to work, so I had this knowledge that I found this thing at 7:00 in the morning, then I was at work for six hours before I finally told our producers, and they sent me immediately to a specialist. I was able to get information really quickly, but I know that’s not always the case for people.

Jay Bobbin

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