Katie Lowes discusses how she’s rolling now

‘Scandal’ alum co-stars in CBS comedy 'How We Roll'

Katie Lowes of ‘How We Roll’ Thursday on CBS

Q: Following your run on the highly dramatic “Scandal,” was it important to you to do a comedy like “How We Roll”?

A: I’ve wanted to do a comedy my entire life. When I grew up, what was always on at my house was “Three’s Company,” “Cheers,” “Seinfeld,” “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I mean, comedy — and multicam comedy, particularly — was what was always on in my household, and what I have the most memory and joy when I think about when I was little and wanted to be an actor. Very fortunately, when I moved out to L.A., I wound up in the drama camp. And my previous employer Shonda Rhimes kept giving me gigs, which was the greatest thing ever … lots of crying and tears and drama and all of that, but the minute that was over, I really made an effort to do a comedy.

With this one, it was just it really such a great fit because it isn’t just about nailing these jokes — and I thankfully am surrounded by (fellow series stars) Pete (Holmes) and Chi (McBride) and Julie (White), who are teaching me a thing or two — but there’s a lot of heart and deeper things that we’re going for, so I get to practice the comedy and learn, but also rely on the things about drama where I come from, which is just fighting for what you want in a scene, telling an honest story, and trying to do (the character) Jen Smallwood some justice with Mark Gross’ writing.

Q: Speaking of Jen Smallwood, who is a real-life person, what do you think of her?

A; She’s strong and smart and supportive and loves her family and has her own thing going on, and she’s grounded. I’m a huge fan of the Jen Smallwood we’ve created, and the real person that it’s inspired by. I hope, one day, we can have a beer at a bowling alley.

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