Kathie Lee Gifford celebrates ‘A Godwink Christmas’

‘Today’ co-host moonlights as a star and executive producer
of new movie

Kathie Lee Gifford of ‘A Godwink Christmas’ Sunday on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and ‘Today With Kathie Lee & Hoda’ weekdays on NBC

Q: You’ve mentioned the notion of a “Godwink” in other ways, so is the plot of “A Godwink Christmas” – of which you’re both a star and an executive producer, and in which a budding relationship seems to get heavenly approval – natural for you?

A: I think a lot of people think the world is random, and that everything is sort of coincidental, with no divine intervention involved … but that’s just the opposite of the way I see it. I believe that nothing is random in this world, and that the Creator of the universe is still in control of it.

This is the first of these movies that we’re doing, and they’re based on real stories. I think that there’s a place for those to be told, and that to watch what happens in other people’s lives in a way where the divine intersects with the human is encouraging for people.

Q: What do you think the overall theme of “A Godwink Christmas” speaks to?

A: There’s such an underappreciated, overlooked demographic of people out there that is not embarrassed by things of a spiritual nature. They want them and they desire them, but they’re afraid to bring it up because of the politically correct world we live in today. I hear from literally hundreds of thousands of people all the time about faith and a spiritual component to life, and I’m happy to share it with them.

Lennie James

Q: Since you also wrote and starred in the feature film “Then Came You” recently, is it easy for you to get time off from your weekday work on “Today With Kathie Lee & Hoda” to do other projects?

A: I had already given my notice to my wonderful friends and bosses at NBC. I told them, “Listen, I’d love to stay, but you’re going to have to let me do my movies. They’re already in the pipeline, and they mean the world to me. If we can’t work that out, I can’t stay.”

And they were awesome! They said, “Kathie Lee, you’ve got it.” I’m happy to stay (at “Today”). Some people think I’m no longer interested, but it’s not that. (Making movies) has been my long-term plan, and doing “Then Came You” has been the greatest professional experience of my life.

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Jay Bobbin

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IT’S JUST TIME FOR HER TO GO one day she is staying the next she has been fired
The next she has resigned…the little Bush girl is such a pleasant happy person but
Her on for good at least as long as KLG..SHE AND KODA MAKE SUCH A FUN
MORNING. KLG acts so self centered,,

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