Katheryn Winnick is happy to have a ‘Big Sky’ as a canvas

‘Vikings’ veteran is a star of producer David E.Kelley’s new ABC drama

Katheryn Winnick of ‘Big Sky’ Tuesday on ABC

Q: Where is the main pleasure for you in playing your “Big Sky” character, an ex-cop who’s involved in the search for two kidnapped sisters?

A: Sometimes, as much as you prepare and you have your own kind of choices before you go in, when you are actually shooting it and the other actor brings out a certain side of you … I found myself pleasantly surprised. I think there’s a lot of freedom. Also, working with such a talented cast, you can discover it as you are going, especially since we just started the series.

Q: Were you looking to do another series so soon after your work on “Vikings,” which has yet to show its final episodes?

A: To be honest, I wasn’t really looking to sign on for another series at this point. I just did a movie with Sean Penn, and I was working on three movies coming out next year … but when you see (writer and producer) David E. Kelley’s name on this and you read the scripts, how can you say no?

I grew up with (his series) “Ally McBeal” and grew up watching so many of these iconic, powerful, relatable characters — especially female characters and female voices — that I kind of just said, “OK.”

Q: How does “Big Sky” play into that female-centric creative preference for you?

A: There’s six out of ten female directors for the first ten episodes. This show is really based on two strong female leads, and there’s nothing like that, really, on TV.  It’s rare to find two women characters that follow through different cases as the series progresses, and (Kylie Bunbury is) an amazing talent, an incredible co-star and a lovely person.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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