Looks like Snow: An anchor-reporter’s network history


Kate Snow

Q: I enjoyed seeing Kate Snow fill in for Lester Holt on “NBC Nightly News” recently. How long has she been with NBC? –Jim Prior, via e-mail

A: After stints at NPR, CNN and (principally for “Good Morning America”) ABC, Emmy winner Snow joined NBC News in 2010, mainly as a correspondent for “Dateline NBC,” to which she still contributes. She also can be seen anchoring “NBC Nightly News” regularly on the Sunday edition. Additionally, the Cornell University and Georgetown University graduate has hosted the Oxygen series “Relentless,” and she also was a weekday MSNBC anchor for a while.

Kevin Bacon

Q: Is “City on a Hill” over? — Ron North, Sacramento, Calif.

A: No. A couple of weeks after Season 2 ended, Showtime ordered a third season of the Boston-set crime drama starring Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge. Production is slated to resume later this year in New York, with location sequences done in Massachusetts. Expect to see the new episodes start running sometime in the first half of 2022.


Q: Will Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni continue to appear on each other’s “Law & Order” shows next season? — Sandy Holman, Providence, R.I.

A: While having not seen any of the plot details yet, we can make a very educated guess that that will remain the case for the two NBC series, for a couple of reasons. The Benson and Stabler characters certainly are back in each other’s lives in a major way now, so it only would make sense that executive producer Dick Wolf and the “Special Victims Unit” and “Organized Crime” staffs would want to play that through.

Also, Thursday will be a full “Law & Order” night on the network next season — led by the new “Law & Order: For the Defense” — so, in Wolf tradition (see: NBC’s “One Chicago” Wednesdays), you can expect that will mean crossover stories involving all three series. That surely will keep Benson and Stabler in the same trajectory, so more on-screen interactions between them seem inevitable.

Q: It was interesting to watch Sidney Poitier play both a student and a teacher in one night on Turner Classic Movies recently. When were those two films made, and how old was he when each was done? — Mark Casey, via e-mail 

A: “Blackboard Jungle” was released in 1955, and “To Sir, With Love” was part of Poitier’s triple-header of 1967 hits that also included “In the Heat of the Night” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” Since he was born in 1927, Poitier would have been 28 at the time of “Blackboard Jungle’s” debut — OK, a “little” old for a high schooler, but he wasn’t alone (fellow “students” Vic Morrow and Paul Mazursky were in their mid-20s) — and 40 when “To Sir, With Love” debuted.

Q: Was “Veronica Mars” Kristen Bell’s first TV series? — Jamie Sloan, DeLand, Fla.

A: She had made guest appearances on such shows as “The Shield,” “Deadwood” and “Everwood” before that, but title character Veronica was her first regular role in a series … and she certainly has had quite a path with it, extending to a 2014 movie sequel and the 2019 continuation of the program 12 years after its original run ended.

Very shortly after the 2007 end (supposedly) of “Veronica Mars,” Bell moved into a heard-but-not-seen role on “Gossip Girl,” and she’ll be reprising that job on that show’s soon-to-premiere HBO Max reboot. A regular on “Heroes” for a while, Bell also has been a star of “House of Lies” and “The Good Place,” and she lent her voice to “Unsupervised” and “Central Park.” She and husband Dax Shepard will host the NBC contest “Family Game Fight” when it premieres in August.

Q: Is it true that Kelly Clarkson’s talk show is replacing Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show? — Joanne Scott, via e-mail

A: In cities where both programs presently air on NBC-owned-and operated stations, that’s the plan, with the succession scheduled for the fall of 2022. It gets more complicated in markets where the two syndicated series are on different stations, which means the current “Ellen” outlets need to find something else to replace that show for when it ends production next year. That’s a big part of why DeGeneres made her exit announcement so early, to give those stations time to schedule other programming for her current slot.

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Jay Bobbin

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