Kat Dennings on how she found ‘Dollface’

‘Dollface’ star on friendship break-ups

Kat Dennings of ‘Dollface’ on Hulu

Q: Can you tell how you found your character on “Dollface” and how you went completely different from the way we know you?

A: I was really looking, after “2 Broke Girls” ended, for something really different. The shows that I watch are pretty much single-cam half-hour comedies. That’s my comfort television. So, I was like, “Oh, if I could pick the dream thing to do … what would it be?” And it was this, really. I mean, I really tried actively to make Jules very different from anything I’d ever played and she’s not similar to me in a lot of ways, but I’ve been through what she’s going through … . But that journey of being in a long relationship, that relationship ending and realizing you’ve kind of lost yourself and a lot of your friends, I’ve experienced this exact thing.

Q: Can you talk about that?

A: In the particular relationship I was kind of basing my character on, I was friends with his friends, I kind of fit myself into his circle of friends, and in turn I kind of lost touch with — I mean I don’t really have a huge group. … So I lost touch with a lot of those people and it was a real loss for me at the time (that) I didn’t even realize. And so I really wanted to tell that perspective because I don’t think we see that a lot. And I have a lot of guy friends who’ve gone through this exact thing as well when, you know, you’re in love and you want that person to think you’re amazing and you realize four years later … “Who am I? What happened?”

And I went through a friendship breakup, I call it, with one of my closest friends during that relationship as well, and we’ve talked … through all that, and I feel real dumb now. But it’s a good learning experience and I think hopefully watching the show will help people feel not as alone in that, if they’ve gone through it.

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