Kara Killmer’s ‘Chicago Fire’ love story actually is on fire

NBC drama continues location filming in Season 9

Kara Killmer of ‘Chicago Fire’ Wednesday on NBC

Q: The relationship between your character Brett and her supervisor Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) has taken a turn lately on “Chicago Fire.” What are your thoughts about that?

A: He’s been a steady rock through some of the challenges that Brett has been facing, so I think their friendship has really grown and we’ll see what happens with that this season. The fans either love it or hate it, and it’s funny to me. I mean, these two people haven’t even gone out on a date together! Jesse is very talented and very nuanced in a lot of his delivery, so it’s really fun to react off of him.

Q: “Chicago Fire” shut down production for a couple of weeks because of several positive COVID-19 tests. How are you finding the protective measures in general?

A: NBC and (executive producer) Dick Wolf moved heaven and earth to make it so that we could come back to work. We have a lot of really strict protocols; everyone is wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) and staying socially distant, and I thought going in that it would be really cumbersome and difficult, but it’s really not been distracting.

Q: Does that also apply to being out filming at various locations around Chicago, which the show does frequently?

A: It doesn’t feel too different. Honestly, being outside is a little bit easier, just because you have more space to spread out. We actually do more interior things now. Instead of having us shoot in some random houses, they built the entire interior on soundstages, so that we don’t have to be exposed to a stranger’s home. When we’re outside, it’s kind of business as usual, except that we’re in PPE up to our eyes.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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