Justina Machado faces a ‘Switched Before Birth’ crisis

'One Day at a Time' alum gets very dramatic in Lifetime movie

Justina Machado of ‘Switched Before Birth’ Saturday on Lifetime


Q: In “Switched Before Birth,” you play a woman whose fertility tragedy is compounded by the fact that her child turns out to be one of the supposed twins carried to term by someone else. Did you have to do certain research for the project?

A: I certainly know women who have struggled with fertility, who have had to go through these cycles to try to get pregnant, and the ups and the downs that come with wanting a family. It’s a very, very human story, which is why I was so attracted to it.

That’s what’s so beautiful about this movie. You really get those two points of views; no one is wrong here. Olivia (played by Skyler Samuels) feels she carried this baby. My character Anna is like, “This is my egg.” We’re both so passionate. I truly believe that if that were to happen to me, (Anna’s) would be my point of view … “I want my baby.”

Q: You’ve been in this career for many years, but with opportunities like this that have come after your work on the “One Day at a Time” reboot, is this a particularly sweet time for you?

A: It’s so bizarre, because it’s so not a sweet time in the world with everything that’s happening. But I’ve been OK, and I’m grateful. I’m grateful to still be here, still at it. “One Day at a Time” did open this whole new world for me, and it feels really good to be in a place where you’re not just the person in front of the camera. People really want to know your opinion.

It’s valued, what you have to say. It’s the most I’ve ever collaborated in my career, so it’s been wonderful. And these movies — this movie that we did, and then Elisabeth (Rohm, the film’s director), we’re also working on some other things — it’s been liberating, exciting. And yes, I’m happy, because I’m getting old.


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