Julianna Guill is ‘Grounded for Christmas’ in new Lifetime movie

Recent semi-regular on ‘The Resident’ plays a stranded pilot

Q: In playing a weather-stranded pilot in “Grounded for Christmas,” is it a big deal for you to be the lead in a holiday movie?

A: Oh, yes. I’m extremely honored that it came my way. I have always wanted to do a Lifetime Christmas movie, truly, and this one in particular was a lot of fun. I really got to dive into the comedy of it, which is something that I absolutely love and enjoy with all of my heart … so having an edge within this was an absolute dream.

Q: How was your rapport with Corey Sevier, who also stars as a fellow pilot and your eventual love interest?

A: Corey is wonderful to work with. He’s very talented, he’s very funny, and he gives you all of himself. It was our first time working together, and I feel certain we’re going to do it again. We had a ball. We joke about (a ‘Grounded for Christmas’ sequel), but I don’t see why not.

Q: Your recent run on “The Resident,” as Nic’s (Emily VanCamp) sister Jessie, ended fatally for your character. Did you know her entire arc when you started the role?

A: No. It just unfolded as we went, and that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I understand why that was the outcome, and it was just so wonderful to be on the show for as long as I was.

It’s really easy to do that kind of work when your co-stars are so dedicated, and Emily and Matt (Czuchry) are two of the most fantastic scene partners I’ve ever worked with. I did most of my stuff with Emily, and even in the scenes that I knew would be challenging, I knew no matter what, she’d be there. If she’s going to show up and do the quality of work she does, it‘s impossible not to do good work across from her.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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