Julia Roberts is a stellar ‘Pretty Woman’

Hulu streams romantic-comedy hit also starring Richard Gere

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”

Originally planned as a much darker story, “Pretty Woman” ended up one of the most successful romantic comedies in movie history, thanks in no small part to the influence of television-veteran director Garry Marshall. Currently streaming on Hulu, the 1990 film also was invaluable in boosting Julia Roberts to stardom; the role of good-hearted prostitute Vivian cemented her with audiences, along with her broad laugh.

Vivian is hired by uptight New York businessman Edward (Richard Gere, who would reteam with Roberts and Marshall for “Runaway Bride”) to be his Los Angeles companion for a week, and she strikes notes in him that lead him to fall deeply for her. She moves more cautiously, though her affection for him evolves as well. Jason Alexander, Laura San Giacomo, Ralph Bellamy and Marshall-movie regular Hector Elizondo also are in the fine cast.

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