John Hannah works the medical beat in ‘Transplant’

‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ alum stars in Canadian-made
NBC drama

John Hannah of ‘Transplant’ Tuesday on NBC

Q: “Transplant” was a big hit in its original run in Canada earlier this year. Did you anticipate that?

A: I loved the arc of the story, and it seems like such a pertinent time for it for all of us — and for the refugees who are having to make that journey (as with the lead character in the show, newly hired as a doctor at a teaching hospital). It never felt like we were cushioning the politics or checking off the boxes, so I always believed in what success the show might find, but you just never know.

Especially with the year we’ve had, you don’t know what impact real events may have on how people are watching TV. Medical dramas have always been popular, though … so to be able to tell human stories in a natural way, it’s just great to be a part of it. I’m really proud of the work and how it was received (in its original run).

Q: One would expect that it’s pleasing to you, then, that “Transplant” has been renewed in Canada for a Season 2?

A: I was only supposed to do one season, but during that, they asked if I would want to come back and do a second one. And I said, “Of course.” Now that I’m getting older myself, I’m dealing with some of the same issues, like the impact that career choices can have on your life. It feels like something very real for the character.

Q: What did you think of your “Transplant” alter ego, Dr. Jed Bishop, starting the series by being a patient?

A: I liked the process of the writing and the editing style, and the directing as well. Everyone wants to make the best of it that they can, and sometimes, drama is created when you actually can build to that point instead and have a bigger appeal.

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