Jill Wagner is in ‘Paradise’

‘Wipeout’ alum’s latest Hallmark movie takes her to Fiji
Jill Wagner of ‘Pearl in Paradise’ Saturday on Hallmark Channel

Q: How long were you on location in Fiji to film “Pearl in Paradise”?

A: I was there a little over a month, because I went prior to filming for fittings and whatnot. It was a nice day in the office! They really threw me a bone this time. I had seen all these beautiful pictures of Fiji, and it certainly lived up to them.

Q: Who do you play in the movie?

A: Her name is Alex Anderson, and she works for kind of a National Geographic magazine. She’s been married to her career for most of her working life, and in her quest to become the creative director of the magazine, she is dispatched to find this rare pearl in Fiji.

In doing that, she is paired up with a writer who supposedly is the only one who knows where the pearl is. And of course, in going to find it, they find other things as well.

Q: You’ve done a number of Hallmark Channel movies now, and many of the parts you’ve played in them have common threads. Do you embrace that?

A: I think Hallmark has really perfected the recipe. They know what people want, and I love that they do romantic comedies. Every now and then, I think we all like to see a little of that, and to just sit down and watch something and not be so stressed about life.

This movie steps out of their box, though, I would say. It’s their version of an action film, sort of their “Romancing the Stone,” because there are stunts in there. In one scene, I was floating down the middle of a river, and I even had a stunt woman. And I really enjoyed my co-stars, so it was kind of like the perfect storm … a great project and a lot of fun.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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