Jessy Schram has ‘Country at Heart’

Hallmark movie staple gets musical in new role

Jessy Schram of ‘Country at Heart’ Saturday on Hallmark Channel

Q: Since you’re a singer-songwriter as well as an actress, are you particularly gratified that “Country at Heart” deals with the art of songwriting?

A: I was so excited. When it comes to music for me, it’s something that I absolutely love to do — so when I’m able to put together the things that I love, it’s just really special. I feel lucky when it comes to the movies I’ve done for Hallmark, because they’ve all had elements that are a little bit different. What I love about “Country at Heart” is that the songwriting is really what takes us through the whole story, rather than just being in a scene here or there.

Q: Did it make it more comfortable for you that your main co-stars, Niall Matter and Lucas Bryant, also sing in the movie?

A: It was so much fun! It got to the point where we got on the set and we were like, “Oh. We have to act, too.” We did so much music together for this. The other big thing that I got to do that involved music was (the series) “Nashville,” so this was pretty exciting.

Q: You also appeared last season on “Chicago Med” in a guest arc as a surgeon in denial about a personal problem. Are you happy being sort of a free agent who can move from project to project?

A: I think we all strive to have the consistency and the family that’s created (on a series), and it’s so awesome to be given the gift of taking a story and seeing it through … but at the same time, until I find that great match, I love working on a variety of projects. As long as I’m working, I’m happy.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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