Jessica Green forges a path to ‘The Outpost’

Australian actress takes the lead in CW action-drama series

Jessica Green of ‘The Outpost’ Tuesday on The CW

Q: Though you’ve done series work in your native Australia, would you say “The Outpost” is the biggest project in your career to date?

A: Yeah, this is the big break! I’ve been coming over to America for the last five years, auditioning and just fighting for roles. It’s really nice to finally get the break, and it all starts to snowball from here, I guess. Doors are opening for me that never used to, and I’m getting a lot more opportunities that I didn’t before. It’s thrilling.

Q: Since “The Outpost” is airing in Australia at the same time it rolls out in many other countries, is that special for you?

A: All of my friends and family are excited to watch it, so it’s nice. It’s a good feeling to finally be able to show them your hard work.

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Q: Speaking of “hard work,” since “The Outpost” is a very physical show, have you accumulated many bruises from it?

A: After the first week of filming, I was black and blue. Oh, my gosh, I had so many bruises up my legs and across my knuckles! When you’re filming, you aren’t actually hitting anyone, but a lot of the guys I was “hitting” had helmets on – so I would cut my knuckles open on them. I came out of the first few weeks quite battered and bruised, but I loved it.

Q: How would you describe your accent in the series?

A: I’m actually British in it, but they wanted me to sound different than anyone else – since so many of the other actors in the show really are English — so I put a little bit of an Australian twist on it. I feel as though Talon (Green’s character) wouldn’t be someone who came from Down Under to find the outpost.

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