Jennifer Finnigan finds her own salvation in the holidays

Fanning Out

Self-proclaimed ‘Christmas nerd’ and her actor husband celebrate Hanukkah, too

A third season of CBS’ ”Salvation” is not to be, but Jennifer Finnigan isn’t letting that cloud her holidays.

The winner of three consecutive Daytime Emmy Awards (for “The Bold and the Beautiful”) had hoped for at least one more round of her summer suspense series that placed Earth in peril, but she says she’s now ready to see what’s next in a career that also has encompassed such other shows as “Close to Home” and “Tyrant.” And it will have a yuletide feel in the very near future.

Finnigan stars in Sunday’s (Dec. 9) new Hallmark Channel movie “Welcome to Christmas,” playing a resort developer whose business-minded take on a Colorado town – which happens to be named Christmas – softens as she gets to know the residents, particularly the local sheriff (Eric Mabius).

“I went ahead and took a lengthy two-week break,” the friendly Finnigan muses of finishing what became “Salvation’s” final season and then starting the “Welcome to Christmas” shoot. ”Honestly, that was a lot of work, and I was just ready to be a mom and just be me for a minute. And it really timed out well. I don’t have any desire to do anything until January. It’s a waiting game, but it’s also the first time in seven or eight months when I’m not working 16 hours a day.”

Indeed, even without “Salvation” on her plate now, Finnigan plans to spend the holidays just as she intended to … enjoying them with her fellow-actor husband Jonathan Silverman (“Weekend at Bernie’s”) and their year-old daughter Ella Jack.

Jennifer Finnigan with her fellow-actor husband Jonathan Silverman

“We do both” Hanukkah and Christmas, Finnigan reports. “We have a Star of David on top of the Christmas tree. I am a huge Christmas nerd; I go all out. It’s my favorite time of the year, and Jonny – having grown up Jewish – had never celebrated Christmas. When he married me, I very delicately asked if he’d be OK with incorporating some of those traditions in our home.

“Well, it was almost like the eight-year-old boy who never got to have a Christmas tree,” notes Finnigan. “All of a sudden, he was like, ‘Let’s get the biggest tree!’ He’s really into it, and we’ve even traveled the world just to go to Christmas markets all over Europe. We also light the menorah and sing the song every night (of Hanukkah), and now, having a baby is kind of fun because can incorporate both traditions for her. We’re all about equal opportunity!”

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