Jana Kramer helps stage ‘The Holiday Fix Up’

Singer-actress also is an executive producer of her latest Lifetime movie

Jana Kramer of ‘The Holiday Fix Up’ Saturday on Lifetime

Q: Your character in “The Holiday Fix Up” is a do-it-yourself personality who uses social media extensively in her job. You have a strong online presence yourself, so did you always intend to build that into your role?

A: My whole entire life is social media, so that was kind of fun to do that. But also, I think we showed how it can bring people together. For me personally, what I took away from the movie the most is actually about putting the phone down … back in the day when we didn’t have cell phones, and we were able to just disconnect and be in a room together and not be glued to Instagram or the phone.

That’s what I took away from it the most, having that distraction away to really just be present with the people in front of me. That’s something that I would like to lean more into.

Q: You’ve made a number of holiday movies out of season, but how was it to film this one?

A: We had a few hot days, but the days that we were outside, I felt like we were blessed with not-too-hot ones. I think there was only one day when I was like, “I think I might pass out.” But it didn’t matter if it was sunny or not, Ryan (McPartlin, Kramer’s leading man and fellow executive producer) was going to always have a fan. I mean, that man sweats so much … .

Q: Maria Menounos also appears in “The Holiday Fix Up.” She’s known principally as a host and interviewer, so what did you see in her for her to act in this?

A: I was like, “Oh, that’s going to be easy to play best friends with her,” because every time I see her, I feel like she’s such a close friend. And then with Ryan, it’s like we had that brother-sister, fun banter. It’s that good energy, so that part was really easy, to have the chemistry. We were all teammates together.

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