Jake Manley – Fighting monsters and laughing with Matt Frewer

Why filming ‘The Order’ was fun for Jake Manley

Jake Manley

Long days on set can be made shorter when you have cast mates you really enjoy spending time with.

Such is the case for Jake Manley with Matt Frewer, his co-star in the horror/fantasy series “The Order,” currently streaming on Netflix.

“Oh man, he is just such a fun guy to work with,” the 27-year-old native of Oakville, Ont., says of the classically trained former “Max Headroom” star who plays his grandfather. “Like he would catch me off guard so many times. And even as entrenched in a scene as I was, sometimes he would throw in a line at the end or do something and I would just burst out laughing and there was no stopping it. And even in between takes, he’s just such a funny guy, like I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much in so long … so it was a pleasure for sure.”

In the series, Manley stars as Jack Morton, a blue-collar kid who gets accepted to a prestigious university and pledges to a secret society with a reputation for achievement. And that, he comes to find out, is because its members like to dabble in sorcery and shape-shift into various creatures to achieve its ends.

Horror fans will delight at the plethora of monsters here, which include a werewolf and a golem, with which Jack must do battle to investigate several on-campus murders that appear to be of an otherworldly nature. Which made for some very active days for the actor.

“There was a lot of running, a lot of falling, a lot of kind of fight choreography, which was great but definitely taxing in the beginning,” Manley explains. “… It’s hard to be that physical in all that denim.”

Name: Jake Manley

Birth date: Aug. 23, 1991

Birthplace: Oakville, Ont.

Current residence: Los Angeles

Marital status: Single; in a relationship with actress Jocelyn Hudon (“The Strain”)

TV credits include: “3 Audrey,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Cracked,” “Hemlock Grove,” “Defiance,” “Heroes Reborn,” “American Gothic,” “American God,” “Casual,” “iZombie,” “Seven in Heaven,” “Trollville,” “Project Blue Book”

Movie credits include: “Bad Hair Day” (TV, 2015), “Northpole: Open for Christmas” (TV, 2015), “Pregnant at 17” (TV, 2016), “Hush Little Baby” (TV, 2017), “A Dog’s Journey” (forthcoming), “Hotwired in Suburbia” (forthcoming)

Extracurricular activities: Is an avid skateboarder and surfer; involved in numerous children’s and mental health initiatives in Canada

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