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Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in “Elementary” on CBS

Q: Please tell me what has happened to “Elementary.” – Rev. Dr. Roger Fischer, Washington, Pa.

A: It’s been a long wait for fans, but the modern Sherlock Holmes mystery – starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu – finally will be back to start its sixth season April 30, moving into CBS’ Monday slot usually occupied by “Scorpion” (which will end its season the week before that).

Katie Couric
Katie Couric

Q: Why did Katie Couric disappear from NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics soon after they began? – Nancy Farrell, via e-mail

A: Co-hosting the opening ceremony with Mike Tirico was what she specifically was hired for, and once that event was over, her job was done. Couric did stay in PyeongChang a bit longer to gather material for her other ventures – such as her podcast – but her main mission had been to add a familiar face and Olympics-covering expertise (from her tenure as a “Today” co-anchor) to help get the two weeks from South Korea off on the right foot for U.S. viewers.

Q: When will “The Americans” be back on? – Celeste Fox, Meridian, Idaho

A: Very soon – March 28 – and it’ll definitely be a case of “catch it while you can,” since the FX drama’s season coming up will be the last one. The show’s sixth and final round was still in production when cast members and producers met members of the entertainment press (including this writer) in January to discuss the finale.

However, there was only so much they could discuss, partially to keep the secrets of how the show ends, but also because stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were trying to stay “in the moment” of playing out their characters’ lives … which weren’t fixed on a huge, climactic moment being just around the corner.

Q: In watching pictures that either won or were nominated for Oscars on both Turner Classic Movies and HDNet Movies during February, I noticed that some of the same ones were shown on both channels. Why? – Fred Davis, Naples, Fla.

A: It was a matter of both networks wanting those movies for their respective Oscar festivals, and the studio behind each film being willing to license it to both. (Rarely will a studio say “No” if it means making additional money off a film in an ancillary market such as cable.) One would think each network has a sense of what the other was showing and when, so that a “Marty” or a “There Will Be Blood” wouldn’t be playing on both channels at the same time.

TCM actually went through a lot more titles during its annual “31 Days of Oscar” event, since none of them repeated – and each day was tied to a specific Academy Awards category. For its more generally scheduled “And the Oscar Goes to” month, HDNet Movies reran each of the titles it had, several times.

Q: I see that “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has taken over the slot “Supergirl” usually is in. Is “Supergirl” done for the season? – Rick Hunt, Bexley, Ohio

A: No, the Girl of Steel is just taking a breather for the time being. To keep new product in that Monday slot as much as possible, The CW is holding back the last new episodes of “Supergirl” Season 3 until the show resumes April 16. In fact, the series will go beyond the end of the current television season with fresh stories, since those are slated to run through June 18.

Q: With Kaitlin Olson now starring in “The Mick,” and Glenn Howerton doing “A.P. Bio,” is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” over? – Tim Alexander, via e-mail

A: Not yet. The FXX show has Seasons 13 and 14 yet to come, and that was decided early enough to let its key players also do other projects … something that’s easier to manage when “Philadelphia” averages only 10 episodes for each of its rounds.

At least that’s how it’s supposed to work ideally, since Olson has said she sometimes has gone between the sets of “Philadelphia” and “The Mick” to work on both shows. Certainly in Howerton’s case, since he’s now working for NBC as well, it’s largely a matter of scheduling. That’s why “Philadelphia” isn’t expected back until 2019, so that everyone can accomplish everything.

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