Is ‘Salvation’ at hand again for Jennifer Finnigan?

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Jennifer Finnigan of "Salvation'" on CBS

CBS series star is waiting for word about a Season 3

Jennifer Finnigan is seeking salvation for … “Salvation.”

As she readies for the Dec. 9 debut of her Hallmark Channel movie “Welcome to Christmas,” the three-time Daytime Emmy winner (in consecutive years, 2002-04, for “The Bold and the Beautiful”) is waiting to hear whether her CBS summer suspense drama that imperils Earth will be renewed for a Season 3. As are many of its fans, who have made that very evident on social media.

“Just getting back to L.A. for the first time in seven months has been consuming my whole life,” the friendly Finnigan says of returning from making “Salvation” in Vancouver, ”and I’m thankful for that, because it’s keeping me out of the neurosis I would so easily slip into, wondering what the fate of the show is. I’m just calmly awaiting that response.”

Cast as presidential adviser Grace Barrows, Finnigan notes of the series’ devotees, “The ‘Salvies’ are maybe a little more stressed out than I am. And I love them for it! It’s no secret that we all love each other and very much want to see it go again, maybe for one last season. And for those who saw the (Season 2) finale, they know it could go in a very different direction, which is kind of exciting.”

For the holidays, Finnigan is looking forward to a relaxing time with fellow-actor husband Jonathan Silverman – a recurring “Salvation” guest star last season — and their year-old daughter Ella Jack, especially since the actress’ next career decisions rely on what happens with “Salvation.”

“We may go into the sci-fi realm much more than we have,” Finnigan projects of the series, “with an ‘Arrival’ feeling to it. I just love the show, so I would be very, very grateful to see it go one more time.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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