‘Ms. Marvel’ — Iman Vellani makes debut as title character

Newbie actress joins Marvel Universe

Iman Vellani of ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney+

Q: How did you feel when you landed your first role in “Ms. Marvel” as the title character, Kamala Khan?

A: Honestly, I felt nothing, like it was so not even in my wildest dreams, like you couldn’t even dream about something like this. It’s just so almost unattainable and so far out of my reach, just the film industry in general. And now being in it, it’s only now hitting me that everything is real.

Q: Is it what you imagined?

A: Honestly, it’s everything and more. Everyone is so incredibly wonderful to work with and Marvel has just been so welcoming and I’ve gotten to meet so many other actors who are basically my peers now and are in the same position as me. It’s crazy that now the people I can relate to are other Marvel actors.

Q: Who blew you away when you met them?

A: I mean, Brie Larson was kind of my first. Like two days after I got cast, (casting director) Sarah Finn texted me, she’s like, “Hey, Brie wants to meet you.” And I was like, “Oh my God, this is crazy! This is not happening.” And we just FaceTimed for like two hours the next day and she was so sweet and was giving me so much advice and just listening to, you know, my life and made herself very much available for me. And I was like texting her throughout filming “Ms. Marvel,” just anything I didn’t know about or questions I had about filming. I’d go to her and she was just so open and available.

George Dickie

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