‘Hunters’ – How Zack Schor played Pacino character as a young man

One character, two performances

Zack Schor of ‘Hunters’ on Amazon

Q: How did you and Al Pacino work out the character of Nazi hunter Meyer Offerman, whom you both played at different ages in Amazon’s “Hunters”? Did you coordinate performances?

A: It’s a good question. The truth is I didn’t have the advantage of seeing what he was going to do before I did my work. And I really just invested in playing Meyer in his thirties as honestly and as truthfully as I could and was confident that the rest of it would work itself out. So I didn’t necessarily invest a lot of energy into trying to match Pacino’s performance mostly because I didn’t have access to it. I didn’t see him shooting, I didn’t get to watch the footage. You know, it was all kind of happening in real time and he was shooting in one place while I was shooting somewhere else. So like I said, I just invested all of my energy in playing the character as honestly as possible.

Q: Did you get to meet or see him at all?

A: I actually have not met him yet just because we never shot together, so we were always – it was a busy shooting period and we were always kind of on different sets in different places. But I understand that he’s lovely and obviously does incredible work and I anticipate that I will meet him at some point soon with all the events around the show.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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