Foodie TV: Culinary series you can stream this week

An endless stream of foodie shows

Chef David Chang

It stands to reason that with the explosion in streaming services would come a similar proliferation of culinary content. And indeed, that has been the case.

At no time has there been more foodie shows, films and documentaries out there for your consumption, thus rendering cable and broadcast mainstays such as Food Network, Cooking Channel and PBS mere slices of an ever-growing culinary programming pie (pardon the pun). And it’s not just on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu but all across the web. The following are a few of the newest offerings.

“The Next Thing You Eat” (premieres Thursday, Oct. 21, on Hulu): Chef David Chang is your host of this six-episode documentary series from filmmaker Morgan Neville that explores the cataclysmic changes happening all around us that affect the way we’ll eat in the future. Chang and a diverse cast of characters look at what’s ahead, ranging from burger-flipping robots and artificial intelligence making decisions to insect farms and lab-grown fish.

“Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” (Available now, HBO Max): The Oscar-nominated actor (who, incidentally, won an Emmy for this show) acts as tour guide in this CNN original series that follows him as he traverses one of the world’s great food countries and takes in the secrets and delights of its regional cuisines. He also explores how Italian cooking offers a window into Italy’s rich history and culture.

“Baking Impossible” (Available now, Netflix): This recently premiered competition series pairs creative and innovative bakers with crack engineers to make creations that not only challenge the imagination, but are delicious and can withstand engineering stress tests. Think: an edible boat that floats or an edible skyscraper that can remain intact during a simulated quake.

“Foodie Road Trip With Skye Estroff” (Available now, Plex): Small towns are where it’s at — at least in the view of food expert and host Estroff, who brings viewers to some of the most revered foodie towns across the country to discover what makes their restaurants unique and to hear their stories.

“Tiny Food Fight” (Available now, discovery+): As the title suggests, this competition series tasks contestants with making dishes such as pancakes and sandwiches on a smaller scale with themes ranging from fair foods and birthday parties to tiny version of food from around the world. Comedian and social media star Mamrie Hart is the host.

“The Great British Baking Show: Season 9” (Available now, Netflix): The new season brings in a fresh crop of amateur bakers to compete in a series of challenges in the hopes of impressing judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

George Dickie

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